We want to offer the latest and the best. We have a commitment with the world we live in. If we look after our children, we also look after their world in the present and in the future.

JOLAS Recycles

Small gestures for a great cause. We want to have a positive influence on the environment. Not only do we use recyclable materials and certify our system of sustainable manufacture, we also try to breathe new life into the materials we recycle.

JOLAS Renewable Energies

We maintain our commitment. We’re in a constant process of introducing, in shared environments, the generation of energy from renewable sources. We study new applications that help understand sustainability as a good we all share and that between us we must all take care of.


New solutions to new problems. Day after day we strive to find solutions to changing settings in which we can preserve the essence of every one of us. We create that friendly environment in which the child inside us all can develop to the full.