Manufacturing is the backbone of our company. The Quality Department selects the very best of every material. From wood, to rubber or polyethylene. The Technical Department then takes charge of the production chain. The materials are worked according to the detailed manufacturing specifications for each element of playground equipment. Finally the parts are assembled to create the end product.


In addition, we offer our customers guidance. Our team of advisors finds the best solution for each project. We take everything into account, from the design and aesthetic dimension to the budget and purpose the item is intended to fulfil.

Create the most original playground. We have integrated a VIRTUAL CONFIGURATOR into our website. We will design a playground tailor-made for you. We help you not lose sight of the safety aspect, choose the most appropriate materials and overcome any obstacles that may be found on the installation sight.


We take our team to the place where the equipment is to be installed. Our installers set up our playgrounds because we like the reassurance that comes from a job well done.


We offer a maintenance service that oversees the state of both the materials and the installations in general. We guarantee the future of our playgrounds. We want them to go on being filled with children and great times.