Once upon a time there were… the children, the not-such-children, the adolescents, the adults and the elderly. Jolas works to create settings where we can all share motivating experiences, where we all integrate into healthy, safe environments.

Once upon a time there was… a fun place with huge spaces to run and play in. We seek sensations through shared spaces for old and young alike. We have the very best materials and we take care of every detail for every section of the public.

Children’s interests and needs evolve at the same rhythm as their clothes and shoe sizes change. Our aim is to stay one jump ahead of these developments, and to try out our products from every perspective.

The best out-of-school activity is an afternoon in the playground. Through play, children relate to the world that surrounds them and build their personality. Playing strengthens imagination, emotions and intelligence. Play has to entertain and motivate. Giving free rein to the imagination, a slide can be a water park or a ship. It’s not a tale; it’s the world in their hands.